Established in 1975, there were only more than 10 employees working in Yuen Liang Industrial & Co., Ltd. with capacity of 250MT/month. Yuen Liang has become the first petroleum resin manufacturer who obtained ISO-9002 Certificate in 1998, and has been specialized in production and sales of petroleum resin ever since. With the gradual expansion of production capacity, Yuan Liang merged with the upstream supplier, Arochem, in 1999. By upgrading the quality system continuously, Yuen Liang obtained ISO 9001 Certificate in 2001, and obtained REACH Certificate in 2010, It acquired the certificate of ISO/TS 16949:2009 in 2016,then obtained both of the certificate of IATF16949 and ISO14001 in 2018, respectively.

With sustainable development to the present, Yuen Liang has more than 130 employees and has also adopted automatic production lines which efficiently increased the production capacity up to 8000MT/month, increasing exporting channels to more than sixty countries worldwide. In terms of a single factory, the production capacity of C9 grade petroleum resin in Yuen Liang has been highly regarded as the top 1 manufacturer in the world. With regard to the total global output of C5, C9 and C10 petroleum resin, Yuen Liang has also ranked among the best in the world.


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